Wednesday, July 11, 2007

too hot.

its hot these days. last night we got home from the softball game and a bbq at haven's house find our living room 90 degrees at 10 pm. 

also i saw ratatouille and thought it was pretty boring. everybody else in the world seems to really really really like it. i was tired of the dozens of frantic chase scenes as well as dozens of meaningful chats with sad, downward glances and important life lessons learned. Also, it contains just many cliche movie plots, all in one movie!

(spoilers follow except that it's all so predictable that they can't honestly be called spoilers since you've most likely seen the sitcoms in which they are so often used) 

1)outsider wants to be part of in group, does so.
2)guy and girl fall in love, guy gets ego, girl leaves, but everything is made right again when he tells the truth. 
3)bad guy wants money, must stop rightful owner from getting it, does not. 
4)character hides truth from people, everbody misunderstands, but eventually accept it. 
5)antagonist is a formidable opponent with one weakness, is vanquished by that very weakness. 
6)character helps friends, friends take advantage of him, friends feel bad, friends help him out. 
7)father and son misunderstand each other, eventually understand each other. 

and probably a lot more i missed. Still it was funny and nice looking, which i guess is good. also the theatre was air conditioned. There was a line for the midnight showings of harry potter. those people are smart because they got to stay out of the 100 degree weather for only the cost of a movie ticket, all day. there were about 6 of them. 

Saturday, July 7, 2007

it looks like the blogger dashboard widget works again. i am happy about that! 
Back from los angeles and we had a good time. the next post will be a rundown of what we did and some pictures of that kind of stuff. thanks very much to nicole and mikey for letting us stay at their houses and to everyone we saw for helping to make it such a great trip. 

today I had the day off of work and i was supposed to be spending it catching up on math, but instead I used the time to play grid wars 2. i also ate a lot.