Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting Started

I am about to get started studying for my chemistry exam that I have in 11 hours. I think i'll do OK, though looking at the problems that deal with heat enthalpy from chapter 6 has me a little worried. I am pretty good at figuring the stuff out though. And i figure if i study until midnight, that's probably pretty good.

Oh LOOKY! while typing this...guess who's screen started flickering again!? This will be the THIRD TIME I WILL HAVE SENT THIS COMPUTER TO APPLE TO BE FIXED! and since the start of 2008, it will be my 6th trip to the apple store for a repair issue, including yolanda's ipod dying earlier this week. Had it not been under applecare, it would have been exactly one month after the warranty ran out. Let this be a lessen to perhaps NOT shop at the apple refurbished store (though yolanda's ipod's have all been new new new). It's her third ipod to have the hard drive fail. I know some of the geniuses by name now! Hi Devlin! Hi charlie! Charlie, that utilikilt is pretty fucking awful and you're fat and you're too old to work at the apple store! Devlin, however, you're a saint.

At this point, apple should just give me a new laptop, since this one only has the screen to be replaced. the entire bottom half is new, except for my memory. I think that I will tell them that, after taking out my memory and putting the original back in. I only got this computer last May.

So far this year, our router died, our cable internet had to be repaired, my laptop's been "fixed" twice, I bought and lost an ipod touch, yolanda's keyboard on her macbook stopped working, yolanda's ipod stopped working, and i lost an external hard drive due to a power surge. I must be making progress in anger management, because the old me would have killed somebody by now, or punched a hole in something.

Ok chemistry time! Let them eat salt, not cake!

ooblick on speakers

yolanda played with some ooblick at her preschool.

Sleepy Dog

Watch to see if she falls all the way asleep...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was my birthday, but I had to work. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and posts on various social networking websites. They are appreciated!

Yesterday night I got home from work and found a lot of cupcakes for me on the table:

I looked again and saw someone looking back at me!

perhaps you don't recognize him, but it's Link, the hero of time from Zelda!

Totally great! She planned on doing the whole guy but ran out of steam. That's fine by me, the head is just great. Everyone at work today ate them all.

here's some other pictures from out trip:

In other news I got my computer back from apple when i got back into town, only to find out that they replaced my hard drive and reinstalled tiger, the last OS X version. Then the screen began flickering a couple of hours after I got it back, which is why i sent it out in the first place. So now i am waiting for it back. They did replace my leopard install disc with a brand new shrink wrapped one, since mine developed a gouge around the outside edge, which may or may not have been from my superdrive, though it was not a scratch that could have been from negligence. it was a problem with many early macbooks. they are going to replace that too (the drive). if they replace the screen, then the only parts of my computer that will be original will be the bottom part of the casing and the ram that I installed. everything else will be new, as they replaced the keyboard and logic board as well last time they had it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today I turn 27. It feels good to be a perfect cube.

I have to work from 3-11 but I got my new issue of new scientist on time today, so I'll have something good to read. I wanted to go someplace to get myself something fancy for lunch but I took too long writing a revision to my essay about dressing dogs in sweaters so i don't have time now. I can't think of what i'd want anyway. I'll probably get fried chicken and mashed potatoes somehow. I am also thinking strongly about buying myself a violin since my tax refund was generous. I can't decide between a viola or a violin, but it seems that a violin would be easier just because its smaller, and beginner ones are about a hundred bucks less than violas. The fiddle class that I wanted to take this term is exactly the same time as my physics lab, which is disappointing. Oh crap I have to be at the bus stop in ten minutes! Here's a current picture of me for posterity:

Chris Hedstrom, Age 27 years: