Friday, December 26, 2008

We've had some snow

Portland's had record snowfall this december. It seemed like it was going to be awesome at first and then it got pretty obnoxious for a dozen reasons:
-flights were delayed and cancelled, X-mas plans were cancelled
-GREs got cancelled and delayed
-cars got snowed into driveways
-cars getting stuck in the snow on my street every hour or so, including us last night on the way back from christmas (grabbed the shovel and dig dig dig dig)(someone just slid out just now, I heard it).
-getting cabin fever
-the dog getting cabin fever
-I didn't bring much clothes with me from Corvallis, especially shoes other than converse, which means soggy walks in the snow.
-missed work, missed paychecks
-not missed work means slogging to work in the slush and ice, on unpredictable bus routes.
-leaky shoes
-all anyone is talking about is the snow and how much we're all sick of it.
-all anyone is talking about is how the Portland area sure is ill prepared for snow.

The Good things have been:
-its been pretty (now its gross dirty slush
-it hasn't felt as cold as it does when its raining all the time
-hung out more with roomates who are sick of looking at the internet
-stomping the ice layer to bits
-adventurous hikes to Safeway, pretending that we're in a post apocalyptic snow world, and we're out of ammo, and the few drivers we see are dead and are just rolling down inclines.
-fires in the fireplace
-eating a lot at home (mostly puff pastries)
-learning to put on snow chains and getting some experience driving in the snow

Still, we had a little fun. Here's some pictures of all that snow. If you live in an area that gets snow regularly, then you might think "that's not much snow". It may be true, but I don't care. It's more than Portland gets, which is next to none.

From Snow Day 2008

These next two I took today with the new lens, a Lensbaby Muse, that Yolanda got me for Xmas. I look forward to using it more when there is more to look at then snow and the things in my house.

And many more:

Snow Day 2008

So what seemed great a couple of weeks ago turned into a slushy mess. All this snow makes me glad that I didn't apply for a student research position in Antarctica that I saw posted.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Here's over 350 very high resolution pictures of the surface of mars in 3D for you to ogle.

here's the pictures that I forgot to link to!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Alan Abel

I guess this guy is fairly well known, but not well enough or he wouldn't have been able to pull all of these off. I first heard about him in March after an interview with him on the radio, that talked about his "Anti-Breastfeeding" hoaxes. Tonight I found a note I had written to remind myself to look him up. All of his hoaxes that were successful are pretty funny. I'd like to know what he tried and didn't work. I am glad to see that there's a documentary about him too.

Here's a timeline of Alan Abel's media hoaxes

and some examples:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The guy in the pie grew a full beard in just over a week! As manly as apple pie.