Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whenever I have a lot of homework to do, I usually start changing the icons around on my computer. Tonight I made some new ones. I had mentioned in the controversial "25 Things" Facebook meme that I enjoyed many hot beverages a day, so I made some icons of the tools that I use to make those beverages. If you'd like them for your very own, you can download them here.

Friday, February 13, 2009

ive heard 3 sub-prime mortgage

ive heard 3 sub-prime mortgage jokes in 2 days from the npr movie critic who is complaining about cliches and remakes.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Krazy Klock!

Tim got this clock from a guy who kicked him out of his office. He put in a battery and we thought that they gave him a broken clock, which seemed really mean. We timed it and it's pretty accurate. After an hour it's keeping good time. Here's a video with which to waste a minute of your life. We wasted about 5 making it and blogging about it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

25 random things

This is a post of the 25 random things that's making the rounds on facebook. These responses I have put are not random at all. It also totals 27 but a couple don't count.

1)I really dislike the word "random" because I am pretty sure it's mostly calculated. Many people have told me that my humor is "random" and I find that to be a little insulting, because I usually think that im pretty clever and if it was random it would be really easy.

2) I am a terrible procrastinator, but I am really self-deceptive about it. I do things like look for programs that will help me be more productive, reward myself, take breaks, "relax for a change", all while never ever finishing anything I start.

3)I still don't really consider myself an adult, even though I turn 28 this weekend, have a retirement account and am well into balding.

3.5)I'm not concerned about going bald, in fact it's one less thing to worry about.

4)I am terrible at keeping track of money.

5)When I drive or go for long walks by myself, I will get a lot of ideas for stories, pictures and books that seem really great, but when I get home, instead of working on them, I make excuses why they are bad or can't do them right now, or the feeling goes away. This is why I won't succeed in the art world. No drive.

6)I worry constantly about whether or not I am making the most of my life, and wonder why I am not out walking around the woods. I feel that staring at a computer, watching TV or anything like that is the worst waste of time and totally unnatural, but I do it A LOT.

7)Very often I am on the brink of tears, I'm not sure why.

8)My dog's armpits taste sweeter than the rest of her, and if you kiss them she'll go limp. Anywhere else she tries to put her teeth on you. Thats not about me, but I did discover it.

9) I really enjoy listening to the radio, but not for music. I enjoy weather and traffic reports a lot. I listened to british streaming radio for a while to hear what their commutes were like. I also feel that traffic reports are more of a tradition, rather than something that's useful. I've also gotten into shortwave radio recently. I like the idea that somewhere in the world, someone is broadcasting the signal and I am receiving it a few seconds later, and in the case of shortwave it might only be a couple of us that hear it. I LOVE listening to the NOAA weather station. Here's the link for portland: . I wish that there was better local programming anywhere. I don't know what I want though, really. What would be better?

10) I have no idea how to dress myself. Thank god for Yolanda buying all of my clothes. She's actually made clothes shopping somewhat of an enjoyable experience for me.

11)I like dipping foods into other foods, or foods that involve dipping.

12)I have toes that overlap in a grotesque way. My fourth toes have "sectioned" toenails due to this where there's a seam in the middle and two different textures.

13)Lately I have been misspelling words when writing them by mixing up the order of the letters. That's never really happened before.

14)I worry about not being a very good friend to my friends because I don't call anyone or contact anybody, even though I think about my friends a lot and care about them very much.

15)Sometimes I'll click "home" in my web browser to go to my iGoogle home page. When that's not satisfying in terms of entertainment or information, I'll click "home" again, expecting a different result, I guess. The same page will load, and I'll click "home" again, thinking i just need to refresh it, and something good will come up. I do this until I realize that it's not going to change. This happens at least once a day, and it's probably a sign of internet addiction.

16)I like the idea of being a survivalist, and sometimes hope for some kind of apocalyptic event so I don't have to have a job. I think that I'd be better at running around and hiding than whatever it is I end up doing if I ever graduate college.

17)I drink at least 3 hot beverages a day, generally twice as many as that, even in summer, and I still make terrible coffee.

18)I love text messaging, sending and receiving. Words, pictures, videos. I set up my email to forward to my text messages so I would get more. Text me at five oh three eight four one 7350 why doncha? a joke or something. You can email me a text message.

19)I HATE bumper stickers, each and every one of them.

20)I don't remember how to do any physics, calculus, japanese, or probably general chemistry and I just spent the last 2 years sweating over all of that shit. I hope I really don't need it.

21)I don't like discussing music or movies with most people, because I don't think I am a movie snob, I am just hard to please. People think that I am knowledgable on these subjects - I don't know shit about either. I have seen some films I like and heard some albums I enjoyed, but there's a lot that I didn't and I hate having to defend my opinion in endless and useless discussions/arguments. That said, when it was pointed out to me that I was a grump and more recently that I can ruin things people like by pointing out nitpicky details (sorry yolanda), I resolved to keep my opinion to myself unless asked, and be more careful of my words and comments.

22)There's been a couple of occasions where i have forgotten that my dad died. Where i thought, oh I should call dad I should ask him about that. Oh yeah, I can't do that.

23) I don't floss enough, even though I know the risks and don't have dental insurance anymore.

24)I don't think I read enough books even though I there are many books that I fee have influenced me greatly. For some reason I have this sense that if I don't discover a book on my own or it was written in the last couple decades than it has no merit. Again, I am talking out of my ass and know just about nothing on the subject of literature.

25)I love winding my watch and wished that I had a hundred watches. I really like clocks and watches, but at the same time wish that things were much simpler and that we didn't depend on watches and schedules and that things moved at a much slower pace. From my bed I have the time on 6 devices, and the temperature on 4. Three of them show the temp in my room, they all disagree by about a half degree. It's about 63. (62, 63.1, 63.5). The barometric pressure is 30.5 inches. Humidity in my bedroom is just under 50%. There is a winter snow warning for the valley floor for tuesday morning.

26) These weren't random. This took me about 2 hours to type out, which means I thought about it a lot and edited it and it was greatly biased. I tried to do it randomly with a random number generator and searching my computer with the numbers but I got things like "My dad has a friend named Dave Parker".
 I was finally able to get a picture of this window at school. This is on the window of a basement level classroom in Milam Hall. I like to imagine the scenario that sparked enough anger to write this on the window in dry erase marker. Today the light was right and there was noone in the classroom. 
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Don't Do It!

Don't let this recipe fool you, unless you like molten chewy bits that get crispy and sharp almost immediately. Not even a heaping lump of frosting helped. Now the house smells weird.

Also, while your at it, avoid the DS game Personal Trainer: Cooking unless you like white wine vinegar a lot. I've made two salad recipes (foolproof, right?) from it and both have been so vinegary that they been inedible, or felt like I was eating vomit. I am not trying to be dramatic, it was really that acidic. The potato salad was more onions that potato.

That's all.