Tuesday, April 7, 2009

part of the film roll's packaging got into my camera when I was shooting at the cemetary two weeks ago. I think that it came out pretty neat for a couple of shots:

Also, here's a couple of shots I liked when I put 35mm film into the camera sans adapter:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

This shirt is stupid

I thought i'd use my blog to complain for a minute. I saw this shirt for sale at dirtcheapshirt.com (not a site I frequent, but it comes up at dodtracker.com, a site I check daily for rare goodies). The shirt makes no sense. Ideally, you shouldn't "spend" 1-ups at all. You don't get anything in return for using them, so you aren't really spending them, but using them up. You can't sacrifice them for anything, since you start at the beginning of an area or a marker point if you die in just about every Mario game. What are they getting at? There is no way to wisely die in the game. This shirt is totally stupid, like the rest of nintendo's latest ventures, such as fixing the DSi so it doesn't work with cool rom flash cards.