Saturday, August 29, 2009


I think that my dog may have the strongest jaws of any dog, when she wants to use them. I wanted to read tonight and she was whining because I wasn't looking at her, so I went to petco to get her an updated name tag and some pig's ears to distract her. She ate one of the pig's ears like it was a potato chip. I read about 3 pages before it was gone, but I was reading slowly because I was watching her crunch through dried skin. I wish she didn't get sick from rawhide, that would last a couple of hours.

Here's some recent pictures of the dog for those who may want to look at them.

She got some treats in the mail that are supposed to calm her down. I got a puzzle with beetles on it and this!!!!!!:

I had heard that this existed within the walls of the house I grew up in but my Mother said that it was long gone. My sister found it and now I possess it and it will be unfurled and flown upon the proposed camping trip at the end of september. If you don't know what it is, it's related to my halloween costume from 2008:

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Kate said...

I am glad you like the flag.